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Custom Event Services
Serving More Than Just A Great Cup Of Coffee!

Studio/On Location Services

Once again, another industry finding great uses for The Cappuccino Club, Inc. Over the years we have found ourselves at the heart of "Hollywood." Large studios and small independents have found that a little goes a long way with television and movie talent, stage crews, and staff. 

What is better than a hot cappuccino late at night during an evening shoot, or a fruit smoothie in the middle of a hot summer day?

As a special events coordinator at a studio or a producer of a hit series, The Cappuccino Club, Inc. has the service for you.

Available Services:

  •   Espresso/Cappuccino 
  •  Fresh Fruit Smoothies and Blended Mochas 
  •  Hand Dipped Ice Cream Sundaes and Frozen Bananas
  •  Scooped Frozen Yogurt and Sorbets w/Fresh Fruit Toppings
Popular Studio Uses:
  •  Special Private Events (on and off the lot locations)
  •  L.A. Screenings
  •  Gift From Production or Director
  •  Rap Party
  •  Late Night Shoot
  •  V.I.P. Tent For Talent
Contact us to provide a quote for your next special event.



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